We find for you best quality of the goods for the best price from safe supplier in Russia

About the owner

My name is Yuri,
I’m owner of trading company Ferrario, LLC.

Sometimes it is difficult to find some safe supplier in Russia, Especially for a foreigner unfamiliar with the peculiarities of the mysterious Russian mentality.

Hundreds of suppliers shout about the best quality of their goods and service, but, unfortunately, this is not always true. We will professionally select for you some of the best of them and tell you about all the pros and cons of both the supplier and his goods. We also offer some selected products in which we are confident at 150%.

As a trading company we are looking for


Importers with their requests


Exporters of demanded goods


Long-term cooperation


Friendship and smiles )

Our team

Each of our managers specializes in several types of products and is an expert in product quality and supplier relationships

Our solutions

Independent marketing research

Quality product

Best price

Reliable supplier

Best logistics

Good communication

No headache

And really the best service


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